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A cedar shake roof is one of the most aesthetically pleasing roof types you can choose to install. A cedar shake roof installation increases your home’s property value and curb appeal. Set yourself apart from your neighbors with an authentic cedar shake roof.

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Benefits of a Cedar Shake Roof Installation

A cedar roof system provides numerous benefits to West Virginia homeowners.


One of the best benefits of cedar shingles and shakes is their stability. When constructing a roof, sturdiness should always be a priority. You need a structure that can hold up in the inclement weather that West Virginia experiences. A practical feature of cedar shakes is they do not experience much shrinkage. Plus, they lie lower than other roof types, making for a more effective roof.

Keeps You Safe

Because of their ability to resist inclement weather, cedar shakes and shingles are great for preventing moss and mold growth. Both moss and mold can create substantial problems for homeowners.

Also, a cedar roof protects your home from excessive heat, hail and wind damage, and insect infestation.

Timeless Appearance

cedar shake shingles

Simply put, a cedar shake roof is astonishingly beautiful. It alone can increase your property’s value by giving it a more luxurious look. You will achieve a rustic look and feel by installing cedar shakes. Stylistically, you will get a lot of longevity out of cedar shakes because they age gracefully.

Additional ways that a cedar shake roof can benefit your property include:

  • Easy to cut
  • Flexibility for finish color
  • One of the sturdiest roofing materials
  • Insulates your home
  • Fire-resistant

When To Repair or Replace Your Shake Roof

If you already own a shake roof, you’ll want to know when is the correct time to repair or replace it. On average, you can expect a cedar roof to last approximately thirty years. However, several signs will let you know that you need to hire a roof replacement service.

Loss of Shakes

The number one sign that you need to replace your cedar shake roof is if you are frequently losing shakes. If you lose a single shake, a roofing contractor can fix it. But when shakes begin to fall off with regularity, you may have a critical issue.

Excess Water

If your roof takes on too much water damage, you need to replace it immediately. Water damage can affect the structure and stability of your roof. Luckily, cedar roofs are very water-resistant, but even they have their limits. Depending on how soon you call, you may be able to avoid a replacement.

Your Roof Is Over 30 Years Old

On average, cedar roofs begin deteriorating around the twenty-year mark. To be safe, we recommend a replacement once your roof is over thirty years old. If you choose to move forward with a deteriorating cedar roof, you may face severe consequences in the form of costly repairs.

Contact the Cedar Shake Roof Specialists at Maycon

Overall, the benefits of a cedar shake roof installation far exceed the drawbacks. When installing, repairing, or replacing a hip and ridge cedar shake roof, you should hire a reputable roofing company to do the job.

Professional roofers can help save you money on repairs and keep your roof in good standing. Plus, we will abide by any building codes.

Maycon Construction Services are the local roofers who can ensure a proper cedar shake roof installation. We are a customer-friendly operation with decades of experience working on Huntington, WV, homes.

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