Depending on your home’s style, your roof might make up to 40% of the visible exterior. Even in houses with smaller roof profiles, the roof accounts for 20-25% of the exterior. This can have a considerable impact on the “curb appeal” of your house. And that’s why we need to talk about how to pick a roof color for your brick house.

To pick the right roof colors, you must understand how the different colors present in your brick can impact your roof color choice. In many cases, people only consider their brick’s primary color when deciding on a roof color, but there is much more involved.

For example, even though many people will say that their house is red brick, the fact is that very few bricks used in home construction are straight red. They will typically include flecks of rust, orange, brown, black, and even tan or other colors. The same is true of lighter-colored bricks, which may include gray, buff, beige, or cream. Usually, they have a combination of colors, and knowing the accent colors can help you choose the correct shingle color for your roof.

So, when choosing a roof color for your brick house, the first task you should tackle is to identify the primary color of the bricks and the secondary colors. Once that’s done, keep the following tips in mind as well.

Know When to Use Blended Shingle Colors

blended roof colors for brick home

Shingles don’t only come in solid colors. They also come in blends, and this can be helpful for brick homeowners. A blended shingle color that complements the colors of your bricks will make for a pleasing combination. Blended roof shingles can have as many as seven different colors, making it an easier task to match your bricks’ primary color.

Remember that the plainer your bricks are, the more critical it is to choose blended shingle colors if you want an appealing look. If you have solid red bricks and add a solid red or solid brown roof, it’s going to look drab and boring. Choosing brown shingles flecked with greens, tans, and reds makes for a far better look.

Light or Dark Shingles

It’s known that the eye is drawn to darker colors more than to lighter colors. Use this principle when choosing shingle colors to give your brick home a more balanced visual appeal.

Generally, designers say to select a roof color that’s darker than the color of your house. So, if you have red bricks, you will choose a roof color that is dark brown or black. Of course, a lighter gray can also work if your bricks are a very dark red or if your roof is 40% or more of the visible exterior.

Be Consistent with Neighborhood Standards

Your brick color isn’t the only influence in your choice of shingle color. The other houses in your neighborhood can also influence it. In general, you will want a roof color that blends in with other homes rather than standing out. It’s rarely good to have a different look when it comes to resale value and curb appeal.

In general, that will mean darker, more conservative colors. But if your house is somewhat isolated, feel free to go with a bolder look.

Also, consider your homeowner’s association if your neighborhood has one. They could have bylaws regarding roof color, and the last thing you want is to be stuck replacing your roof because you failed to check the bylaws.

Consider Climate Characteristics

You might also want to consider the climate where you live. In cool climates, dark colors are best because they absorb heat. This adds to your attic temperatures and helps make ice and snow melt faster.

In hot climates, light shingles can help keep your home cooler by reflecting light. And here’s another tip for those who live in sunny locations: Whereas colors work best in sunny locations, lighter colors can look washed out in bright sunshine, so consider bright reds and blues.

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