Inspect the lesser-known components of your roofing system to identify hidden problems before they spread. Many homeowners have never heard of the soffit and fascia of a roof. However, they both perform essential functions to protect the structural integrity of your home. Discover how to spot issues with your fascia and soffit below.

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What Is a Soffit?

A soffit serves as the decorative underside of an overhang, archway, balcony, or other aloft structure. It derives its name from the Latin suffixus, meaning “fastened below.”

However, in the roofing business, the word “soffit” almost always refers to the underside of an eave.

What Does a Soffit Do?

A soffit does more than add aesthetic appeal to your home; it ensures proper ventilation of your attic to prevent mold and mildew growth. Many times, homeowners will see tiny holes on the surface of a soffit. These holes allow heat and moisture to escape, keeping your home cool and dry. If heat and moisture get trapped in your attic, they could lead to wood rot, among other problems.

What Is a Soffit Made Of?

Today, most soffit manufacturers use vinyl to create their products. Vinyl performs well when exposed to the heat and moisture that leaves an attic. Other materials, like wood or metal, will likely rot or rust over time.

Vinyl proves more cost effective than other materials and requires less maintenance. The water-resistant qualities of vinyl also make it easier to clean. You can get the vinyl in many colors as well as wood grain.

What Are the Most Common Soffit Issues?

Modern soffits rarely experience any problems because they remain sheltered by the roof. However, soffits made from old-fashioned materials will deteriorate over time, leading to various potential problems. Some of the most common soffit issues include pest and water damage.

Pest Control Issues

On occasion, insects, rodents, or birds can make their way into a homeowner’s attic through the soffits. Inspect your soffits for proper spacing and look for any holes or cracks that would allow pests to enter.

Moisture Damage

Old wooden soffits may begin to bend, warp, or rot due to excess moisture, especially in humid locations. Search for signs of moisture damage and call us at Maycon Construction Services if you spot damage.

What Is a Fascia?

installing fascia board

In the roofing industry, the fascia serves as a protective band along the edge of the roof. You will often see rain gutter systems attached to the fascia. The fascia protects your roof’s edge against water damage caused by rain, snow, and hail, extending the life of your roof.

What Does a Fascia Do?

“Fascia” is a Latin term that translates to “band” in English. While the band around your roof plays a crucial protective role, it also adds to your home’s curb appeal by making the edge of your roof appear even.

What Is Fascia Made Of?

Developers almost always use a wooden board for the fascia. However, builders will sometimes utilize other materials instead. Some of the types of materials creating a fascia board include:

  • Wood
  • PVC
  • Aluminum
  • Fiber cement
  • Vinyl

What Are the Most Common Fascia Issues?

As the shield that protects the edge of your roof, the fascia faces the brunt of inclement weather conditions. Some of the most common fascia issues include the following.

Wood Rot

Perhaps the most frequent fascia issue involves some form of wood rot. Whether your wood rot results from sun exposure or water damage, you should fix it to protect the rest of your roof.

Impact Damage

We often see impact damage to fascia after a storm, often from a fallen tree limb. However, we’ve seen cracked fascia from stray baseballs as well.

Hiring a Fascia and Soffit Expert

Preserve your most valuable asset by getting your soffit and fascia inspected by one of our roofing professionals at Maycon Construction Services. Our friendly roofers will show up on time, examine your roof, and provide a detailed, transparent estimate if we discover any damage to your fascia or soffit.

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