Maintaining and repairing your roof can be expensive, but the cost of replacing the entire thing along with other damaged property could be astronomical. Save yourself the headache and work with a professional roofer who can perform regular shingle roof maintenance to prevent problems before they emerge.

Maycon Construction Services is an expert roofing company serving homeowners in Huntington, Charleston, and the surrounding cities in West Virginia. We’ll share some of the shingle roof maintenance tips we’ve picked up over the years in this article.

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What Causes Damage to a Shingle Roof?

Your asphalt shingle roof takes a beating so that you and your property can stay safe. Severe weather is a regular culprit for roof damage, but everyday exposure to the outdoors significantly impacts your roof’s condition over time.

These are a few common causes of damage to your roof:

  • Exposure to rain, heat, and wind
  • Tree breakage and plant growth (algae, mold, rooting plants)
  • Faulty installation
  • Lack of maintenance and repairs

Roofing Maintenance Tips

Your roof may appear perfectly fine from your perspective, but it’s a good idea to perform routine maintenance at least twice a year anyway. A qualified roofer can spot problems that may not be obvious to you, and we can carry out minor roof repairs on the spot.

Below are some tips for ensuring that your roof stays in good shape to avoid unexpected problems and expenses in the future.

Clean Your Roof Regularly

Clean Your Roof Regularly

Keeping your roof clear of debris will help prolong its lifetime. You can regularly clean your gutters, eaves, and the edges of your roof from the ground. Strong winds and storms can scatter leaves, branches, and other litter, causing potential damage to your roof shingles and clogging your drainage.

For the hard-to-reach areas, hire a professional who can get on your roof and clear it safely. Shingles, flashing, and installations like skylights or chimneys may require more intensive cleaning that an experienced roofer can do for you.

Keep Trees Away From Your Roof

Keep Trees Away From Your Roof

You can prevent tree and plant debris from building up on your roof by trimming away nearby vegetation such as branches and shrubs. If they hang over your roof, the plants can quickly cause problems like preventing water from draining correctly through eavestroughs and downspouts. Tree branches that touch your shingles can eventually damage them as they grow.

Roofers and other contractors have experience clearing plant growth that’s difficult to reach, so there’s no need to attempt it on your own. Put your safety first and hire an expert for your shingle roof maintenance.

Get Your Roof Inspected

You should aim to get a roof inspection every spring and fall. A professional roof inspector can identify budding issues before they require expensive repairs. The inspector will notice if algae starts to grow on your roof, if shingles are in need of repair, or if the flashing needs a replacement.

Having a roof system check twice a year will prevent surprise leaks, drainage problems, and avoidable damage. The roof inspector may also be able to make quick repairs for minor issues they find during their work.

Make Repairs Right Away

Don’t wait to get the roof repairs done if a routine inspection reveals a problem. A broken shingle or worn flashing can seem like a minor issue that can wait for when you have some extra cash, but it may cost you more if you wait.

Professional roofers can quickly perform small repairs like replacing flashing, caulking gutters, or patching a section of the roof to keep the situation from worsening over time. The longer you wait, the more serious and expensive the repairs become.

Maintain a Record of Roof Issues and Repairs

Record-keeping isn’t as common with residential roofing as it is with commercial, but maintaining a detailed log of roof maintenance and repair will set our roofers apart from their competition. It helps homeowners and roofers alike know what they’ve done to a roof and what concerns they found in previous inspections.

If our roof inspector notices a potential problem, we will make a note to check on it during the next inspection. The log will help us know how quickly issues progress and when your roof needs more serious repairs or replacements.

Roofing Maintenance You Can Depend On

At Maycon Construction Services, we have provided exceptional residential roofing services to West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky for over 15 years. We’re a family-owned roofing company that prioritizes customer satisfaction with courteous and professional service for our beloved Tri-State community.

Our skilled roofers can handle projects for all types of roofs. If a storm damages your roof, we can do an inspection, provide expert roof repair and replacement, and work with your insurance company throughout the process. We can also do routine shingle roof maintenance to keep your roof in top shape.

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