If your roof leaks, you’ve just experienced a large storm, or you notice signs of crumbling on your roof, it may be time for a roof inspection. Unfortunately, not all problems can be seen by the naked eye, let alone from any viewable angle of your house from the ground. Maycon Construction Services provides comprehensive roof inspections to ensure your home’s integrity and keep your roof safe from damage.

Many Huntington, WV, homeowners ignore roof problems until cracks and roof failure become more apparent from the inside. Call (304) 208-8978 today to schedule an appointment with one of our roof inspectors. Keep your roof up to date with Maycon Construction Services and save yourself from dealing with more significant roof repairs down the line.

When You Should Schedule a Roof Inspection

Roof inspections provide an inexpensive way to protect your roof and home. Being proactive prevents you from dealing with pricey roof repairs down the line. While we recommend getting inspections once a year, some sure signs indicate you need to schedule an inspection now.

Signs of Water Leaks

Water damage can enact serious harm on your entire roof and home if untreated. The longer you ignore a leak, the more trouble it will likely cause, as most interior leaks originate from a leaking roof. Call a roofing expert immediately if you notice signs of damage so they can address them promptly.

Some obvious signs of water damage include discolored ceilings or walls or the smell of mold or mildew.

After an Impactful Natural Event

Huntington, WV, is no stranger to snow, hail, and thunderstorms. Contact a professional roofing company if a severe weather event damages your home via falling branches or the weather itself.

Even events like earthquakes can cause damage to the top of your home. If you do not know the condition of your roof, call for a roof inspection to prevent a problem from growing.

Noticeable Debris or Damage

Like with storms, sometimes you can see obvious damage from the ground. But sometimes, roof damage will present itself on the interior structure of the house. If your ceilings or walls appear weaker or certain thresholds seem to sag, don’t hesitate to get your roof inspected.

Crumbling of the roof or debris along the outer surface acts as another good indicator that you may have a problem on your hands.

Before the Colder Seasons

The fall is the best season to schedule your annual inspection, as long as no problems arise before then. Colder temperatures interfere with specific roof installations, making it harder for shingles to adhere properly. Likewise, making repairs on snowy or icy rooftops means more dangerous and trickier work.

Additionally, some treatments need time to become effective. If your roof problems extend to lichen or moss, the repair process will begin in the fall and sometimes won’t be complete until half a year later. Discovering these issues ahead of time will allow the treatment to settle in, after which we will return to clean your roof in the spring.

What Does a Roof Inspection Entail?

During your roof inspection, your inspector will search for leaks, unusual wear and tear, storm and wind damage, mold and mildew, and other issues that can occur during roof installations or repairs.

Four main components make up a roof inspection:

  • Workmanship Inspection: Your inspector should scrutinize your roof for quality issues that might predict future leaks. Suitable flashing will prevent this from being an issue. However, roofs with more protruding objects may have shoddy flashing.
  • Structural Inspection: Your inspector will examine the roof for noticeable signs of damage or sagging. This includes inspection of your gutters, fascia, flashings, and vent systems on the roof, as well as your chimney.
  • Material Inspection: Your roof inspector will search for missing, loose, or damaged shingles. This includes damage from rust or mold. This process will give the inspector a clearer view of your roof’s lifespan.
  • Interior Inspection: This involves searching inside the attic and interior of the house to check for stains or other signs of water damage. Most leaks start with the roof, so your inspector will ensure they see no signs of mold or mildew.

Best Roof Inspections in Huntington, WV

When in doubt, get an inspection. If we could relay anything to you, it’s that dealing with your roof now via an inspection can only keep you and your family safe from further structural issues.

Call (304) 208-8978 today to learn more about our roof inspections. Contact Maycon Construction Services for a free roof inspection and rest assured that your roof will be stable for years to come.