A massive storm just blew through your town and took some of your roof with it—what do you do now? The chances are that your local contractors will be busier than ever performing emergency repairs on your neighbors’ roofs, but you have precious little time to spare when water is leaking into your house!

Your best option is to call a professional roofer for emergency roof tarp installation to protect your home until someone can come to make repairs. At Maycon Construction Services, we are a trusted roofing contracting company in the Tri-State area of WV, VA, and KY that can help you with all your roofing needs.

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When Do You Need an Emergency Roof Tarp?

A tarp is a durable, waterproof covering that provides your roof with temporary protection against the elements. If strong winds tear shingles off your roof or flying debris causes damage, the tarp will protect those areas from getting worse. It will also prevent water from pooling when it rains and causing leaks in your home.

While attaching the tarp yourself is possible, working on your roof is dangerous, especially when it’s damaged or wet. You could slip and fall, or the weakened roof could give away beneath your feet. It’s always best to hire professionals to work on your roof since we have both the knowledge and the appropriate safety gear.

If you choose not to use an emergency tarp for your damaged roof, your insurance company may deny your claim because you did not take proper care to prevent additional damages.

How Long Can a Tarp Stay on Your Roof?

The length of time your tarp can last depends on the quality of its material and the outside elements. Though it may hold for 90 days, it’s best to leave the tarp on your roof for a short time to prevent further issues. Schedule your repairs with a professional roofing company as soon as you can.

How Roof Tarp Installation Works

Tarping a roof is an easy task for experienced roofers. We can breeze through the following steps to install your tarp in an emergency.


First, our roofers will inspect the damage to your roof with the help of a ladder and safety equipment. It’s best to avoid going onto a roof that has extensive damage, but with a safety harness, we can get a closer look at what we’re working with.

At this point, our roofer will measure your roof to find out what size tarp we’ll need to cover the damaged areas.


roof damage pictures

Insurance companies love pictures. Ask our roofer who installs your emergency tarp to take plenty of photos of the damage before we start working on it. It’s essential to capture the full extent of the damage to your roof to get the correct compensation.

Clearing Debris

Depending on the situation, we might find lots of debris covering your roof. A storm may have blown pieces of trees, plants, and other litter onto the top of your house, making it hard to see where the damage is.

Our roofers will safely clear away debris to inspect the damage and make room for the tarp.

Choosing a Tarp

Our roofers should choose a tarp that is a little bit larger than the area we measured during their inspection. The goal is to have the tarp drape over the roof so that water flows off the house and doesn’t find its way under the edge of the tarp.

Installing the Tarp

commercial roof tarping service

Once the roof is clear and the tarp is ready, our roofers will unfold the tarp and cover the damage entirely. We have several ways to secure the tarp to your roof, including adhesive on the tarp’s edges and anchor boards.

For a tarp with adhesive edges, our roofers will remove the backing and attach the tarp to the roof’s shingles. The adhesive provides protection against water damage, but the glue-like substance will damage the shingles it comes into contact with, so you will need to replace them later.

If the tarp does not have adhesive tape, our roofers will use another method to make sure the tarp sits tightly on top of your house. We’ll wrap the tarp’s edges around small wooden boards and use nails or screws to attach them to your roof. Shingles under the anchor boards will need replacement when the repair work occurs.

If your roof has critical damages, a complete roof replacement might be in order. We will work with your insurance company throughout the claims process to ensure you get the repair or replacement you deserve.

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