Homeowners around Huntington, WV understand that we experience all types of weather throughout the Winter months. These hard freezes followed by warm spring-like days can wreak havoc of your home’s roof. Now is the time to ensure your roof is functioning properly before the spring rains that will be rolling in before we know it.

Inspecting Your Roofing System

Here are a few items that, based on our experience, can make all the difference to ensure your home’s roofing system is in tip-top shape for Spring –

Loose and missing asphalt shingles

1. Repair any Loose or Missing Shingles: To function properly your shingles must be properly fastened and none can be missing. Missing shingles are very easy to detect while loose shingles can sometimes be tricky.

Nonetheless, a thorough inspection is required to ensure all shingles are in place and secure before the spring storm season. Any loose or missing shingles should be repaired as quickly as possible to prevent potentially costly water damage to your home.

Nail pop under asphalt shingle

2. Cement Exposed Nails and Fix Nail Pops: Exposed nails occur because your roofer “low nailed” your shingles. This is a work practice that usually results from the roofer being in a hurry and goes to show that speed nailing and quality installation are not synonymous. Any exposed nail is a leak waiting to happen – it is when and not if. All exposed nails should be covered in roofing cement and not caulking. Caulking will not stand up to the significant temperature swings your roof will experience nor the amount of sunlight your roof encounters.

Nail pops, on the other hand, can result from the freezing cycles we experience here in the Tri-state area, as well as improper nailing practices. Nail pops are relatively normal occurrences and should be corrected immediately by reseating the nail before any potential leak. While fixing nail pops, care must be exercised to avoid damaging your shingles as this will only exacerbate the issue.

Improperly flashed roof penetration

3. Correct Improperly Flashed Roof Penetrations: If your roof is like most of ours here in the Tri-State it likely has multiple penetrations. These penetrations are most commonly required to properly ventilate your bathroom fans, your attic, and your home’s furnace. Unfortunately, not all contractors are created equal, which results in many homeowner’s roof penetrations being improperly installed. The inferior products and shoddy installation practices many companies use that result in roof penetrations that eventually leak.

This said, even the best products and proper installation has a useful lifespan. This is why you should inspect your roof penetrations annually to ensure any early warning signs such as cracked boots, missing sealant, improper shingle layering, and damaged flashing is identified and repairs are made before costly leaks.

Dirty and Clogged Gutters

clogged gutters

4. Ensure Properly Functioning Gutters and Downspouts: Gutters are directly related to your home’s roof as these essential items collect the water your roof repels and diverts it away from your home. Ensuring your gutters are free of obstructions like leaves, tree limbs and other miscellaneous debris put you one step closer to a properly functioning gutter system.

Other considerations include inspecting for sufficient slope, proper fastening to your home’s fascia, clear downspouts, and downspouts that discharge a minimum of three feet from your home’s foundation.

Moss Growing on Roof

moss growing on roof

5. Ensure Roof is Free of Moss and Lichen: In our area, moss and lichen growing on a roof are almost always indicative of underlying damage. These organisms like to grow in damp locations and their roots will further damage the granules in your shingles. If you don’t have underlying damage, the good news is both moss and lichen can be removed from your roof relatively easily. Either way, you should consider a professional inspection to help you determine the proper course of action if you spot moss or lichen growing on your roof.

While this certainly isn’t an all-inclusive list, this is a very good start to ensure your roofing system is properly functioning for the coming Spring. Better yet, many of these items can be identified without requiring rooftop access which is important for safety reasons.

If you feel your home needs a more thorough inspection or if you find other areas of concern, please contact our roofing company in Huntington, WV today to schedule a free inspection. Our professional evaluators are highly experienced and use a systematic 37-point process that ensures any issues with your home’s roofing system are properly evaluated.

We will offer both repair and replacement options as appropriate and we never employ high-pressure sales tactics. For these reasons, we are the Tri-State area’s trusted experts for asphalt roofing, metal roofing, siding, gutters, and windows.