Would you like to know how to fix one of the most frequent problems in the roofing industry — a roof leak around a chimney? Your chimney represents a junction of several different types of roofing materials, making it an ideal place for roof leaks.

In this post, our roofing experts at Maycon Construction Services in Huntington, WV explain what causes a chimney leak and how we perform the repair.

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What Causes a Leak Around a Chimney?

Chimneys leak due to various causes, including a worn-out chimney liner, flying debris, and negligence. However, some reasons for a leak around a chimney remain more commonplace than others. Let’s explore some of the chimney-related roof leak causes that we see on the job almost every week.

1. Cracked Chimney Cap

Sure-fire ways to experience a roof leak, cracked or corroded chimney caps occur regularly. In many cases, the damage to your home remains minor because the leak reveals itself early when homeowners spot water in their fireplaces. In other cases, seepage may undermine the structural integrity of the entire chimney.

2. Deteriorated Masonry

After years of regular wear and tear, old masonry chimneys may suffer from systemic defects. In our region around Huntington, WV, the water that seeps in to fill the defects may freeze during winter, widening cracks and crevices. Over time, the damage may grow to such an extent that it turns the chimney into a safety hazard.

3. Damaged Flashing

roof flashing inspection

The flashing that surrounds the base of your chimney may wear out or suffer direct damage that results in leakage. Many of the roof leaks around chimneys that we see involve some issue with the counter flashing. Most of the time, replacing the flashing and any other damaged materials will solve the problem. Other times, you may need to call us at Maycon Construction Services to make more significant repairs.

Signs of a Leak Around the Chimney

A chimney leak will offer telltale signs of its presence if you know where to look. Sometimes, the evidence of a leak sits several feet away from the chimney. If you remain unsure about how to tell if you have a chimney leak, search for some of the following symptoms:

  • Stained ceiling anywhere in the room that contains the fireplace
  • Warped shingles near the chimney
  • Degraded roof sheathing around the chimney
  • Pieces of brick or other debris near the chimney
  • Dark discoloration of the chimney’s exterior

How to Fix a Chimney Leak

A chimney leak repair requires substantial knowledge and skill. Experience with the different types of chimney leaks also helps with the diagnostic process. Once our expert roofers at Maycon Construction Services identify the source of a leak around a chimney, we can effect a seamless repair by following these steps:

  1. Gain access to the roof and chimney
  2. Brush away any dirt, leaves, or other debris
  3. Strip away old sealant
  4. Adhere loose flashing with fresh sealant
  5. Secure the flashing with masonry screws
  6. Seal the masonry screw heads
  7. Apply sealant along the edges of the flashing and allow to cure
  8. Test your chimney leak repair by running water over it with a garden hose
  9. Check for any leaks after running water over the repair for five minutes
  10. Repeat Steps 7-9 if you spot a leak

How to Prevent Chimney Leaks

The best way to fix a chimney leak involves preventing one from occurring in the first place. Homeowners can take various precautions to minimize the risk of a leak around the chimney. Some of the tasks that homeowners should carry out include:

  • Scheduling regular roof inspections and maintenance
  • Installing a chimney cricket to divert water away from the back of the chimney
  • Replacing missing shingles and flashing
  • Resealing the chimney every 15 years
  • Keeping the area around the chimney clean and clear

We Are Your Local Roof Leak Repair Experts

Safeguard your most valuable asset by hiring our qualified roofers to fix your chimney leak. All homeowners would like to avoid the expenses associated with a roof repair. However, a minor repair can prevent further damage that could require a total roof replacement.

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