Not everyone is familiar with the most popular alternative to traditional roofing materials. Composite roof tiles are a synthetic alternative to typical roofing materials such as cedar shake, slate or barrel tile. They’re made of recycled materials and crafted into beautiful designs to suit any home. Don’t let the word “composite” deter you, either; these roof tiles are extremely sturdy and reliable.

Composite roofing tile/shingles are manufactured using high-quality materials that won’t warp, crack, split, or peel. They are impact resistant and come in various fire ratings. This fantastic all-around option also comes in a variety of shapes and colors. You can even have custom colors created to match your existing roof.

Pros of Choosing Composite Roofing Systems

There’s a lot to love about composite roof tiles. Aside from being environmentally friendly, most manufacturers provide up to a 50 year limited warranty. Additionally, composite roof tiles are typically lighter and more budget-friendly than some other roofing materials.

Composite roof tiles are known to last longer than traditional roofing materials. When the time comes to change your roofing again, the tiles themselves are also recyclable. Some composite shingles have received third-party certifications for their durability and high-level protection against hail (class 4 Impact resistant shingles), fire (Class A or C fire rated), and wind.

There’s really nothing bad to say about composite roofing. In addition to aesthetic appeal and safety, they save you money in the long run, while being easier on the environment. You will have more time between replacing your roof and less upfront costs installing costly structural modifications. They might just be the missing piece your home needs to look its best.

Brava Roof Tile

Brava is one of the premier manufacturers of composite roof tiles in the country. The company was founded in 2008, and they have an upstanding reputation within the roofing materials business. They are known for manufacturing composite roofing tiles of exceptional quality, durability, and realism in comparison with their raw material counterparts.

Brava Roof Tile provides an environmentally friendly roofing option made of recycled plastics – reducing the amount quarried slate and harvested trees. Choosing the right material is up to you, however saving the environment while fulfilling your needs can be a win-win situation.

Everything Brava Roof Tile makes is backed by a 50-year limited warranty. That’s about 30 years longer than typical roofing will last. The tiles require no additional structural modifications or tools to install, making them a fantastic roofing option.

Comparing Composite Roof Tiles with Natural Slate Roofing

Natural slate roofing is a widely popular roofing option due to its visual appeal, but composite roof slates give you the same effect without the weight or the cost that come with slate.

Composite roof tiles are about one fourth the weight of genuine slate tiles. You don’t need a specific material under the tiles to work, either, because standard nails will work fine to hold them in place.

Synthetic options typically last longer than slate and other materials. Composite roof tiles can keep your home protected for up to 50 years without any maintenance.

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Ultimately, you’re the one who decides what’s best for you. The decision to use composite roofing materials over any other roofing material is based on what you need and what you see fit. Finding a great company to talk you through your concerns will also help you make that decision.

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