You may not realize how many components play a critical role in your roofing structure. Everything from the singles and vents to the roof decking and flashing protects your home from rain, hail, snow, and wind. When one component decays, you must repair or replace it as soon as possible to prevent further roofing damage.

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What Is Roof Decking?

Roof decking is the wooden framing that composes your roof. Whether consisting of planks or sheets, the material supports all roof system components, including the shingles.

Types of Roof Decking

The two main roof decking materials are wooden planks and sheets. Both have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the roof’s size, shingle weight, budget, and more.


Plank decking includes long, rectangular pieces of wood, usually six or eight feet in length and one foot in width. Plank decking became popular before plywood existed. Since the planks are skinny and don’t cover a large surface area, they’re usually not efficient for most projects.

Plank decking may work better for rounded surfaces that require thin, angled pieces. Anyone hoping to save a few dollars may also want to consider planks, as they’re the cheapest option.


Sheet decking includes large, flat pieces of plywood or a composite material that take up a larger surface area than planks. The most common plywood composite is oriented strand board, which uses compressed wood chips and a waterproof resin for added protection.

You can purchase sheet decking in various thickness levels for improved security. Sheet decking may be the most expensive option, though it could prevent future roof repairs and replacements.

What Damages Roof Decking?

The primary roof decking enemy is water. When water seeps into the roof decking, it can rot and decay the wood, even if it has a waterproof resin. Water can enter your roof for various reasons, including:

  • Shingle damage
  • Overflowed gutters
  • Compromised flashing
  • Poor attic ventilation
  • Heat and humidity within the structure
  • Ice buildup and dams

Signs That You Should Replace Your Roof Decking

Signs That You Should Replace Your Roof Decking

Your roof will usually show signs whenever there’s an issue. By understanding the symptoms of a decaying roof, you can repair or replace the damaged components before they worsen and cause more expensive repairs. For example, a minor leak could lead to expensive water damage inside your home.

Common signs that you need to replace your roof decking include:

  • Leaks
  • Ceiling water spots
  • Stained walls
  • Peeling adhesives or wallpaper
  • Attic mold or mildew
  • Roofline sagging
  • Stained rafters

Adhering to Roof Codes

Roof decking codes require your planks or sheets to meet certain quality specifications.

As a general rule of thumb, your roof decking must be able to carry the required weight of your shingles and other components, and there shouldn’t be any large gaps between decks. Gaps bigger than ?” require repairs or replacements.

Your contractor cannot install new shingles atop roof decking that doesn’t meet code.

Replacing vs. Repairing

After having your roof inspected by our team, we can help you determine the best option moving forward. Generally, if only a few boards have issues, we can replace them without tearing the whole roof down. If you have rot or mildew, we may need to replace the system to prevent further damage.

We also must consider how the water reached the roof decking. For example, if damaged shingles let the water in, we may need to replace everything to avoid the same problem in the future.

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